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Niagara Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

We pour our love of animals into the St. Catharines dog walking and pet sitting services we offer.

At TAILS, we understand that your pets are valued members of you family and that you want them to be healthy, happy and well-adjusted companions. You may not always be able to take your pet with you on trips or to the workplace, but you can keep them happier by letting them stay in the place where they are the most secure – their home. For those who have time constraints, we offer a variety of services that will assist you in meeting the needs of your pets. We are the go to pet sitting, pet taxi and dog walking service in St. Catharines and Niagara.

Professional at home pet care in Niagara

As a pet owner, I know first hand that many dogs and cats do not thrive in kennels, boarding facilities or Niagara pet resorts. Pets that are placed in noisy and unfamiliar places can suffer from separation anxiety and depression, and may develop personality issues. Pets that are kennelled also run the risk of coming into contact with sick animals. Keeping your companion at home and hiring a professional for in house dog sitting ensures that he/she will be safe from illness or injury.

Professional care for reptiles, exotics and small animals

Reptiles, exotics and small animals simply don’t have facilities that they can be taken to. It can be difficult for friends and family to care for many of these types of pets. That’s where Tails Niagara comes in, think of us as your Niagara pet nanny.

Bonded + Insured

We are bonded and insured by PROfur for your protection and ours.